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  1. Gerald A McCormick says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing you at the Jamestown Fort this past Saturday, at which time I told you of my interest in all things native American, and that I hand obtained a booklet from the rest stop on east bound I64. The name of such booklet is “The Virginia Indian Heritage Trail”. Third edition, edited by Karenne Wood. The other book I mentioned was “1491”, by Charles C. Mann, a book that a man of your culture and knowledge would find very interesting.
    Thanks again for a very informative time.
    Jerry McCormick

  2. Brenda Wheeler says:

    I found your demonstration on fire starting very interesting.
    I took many pictures of the process, but I need a list of natural materials used. Can you provide me with a detailed list? Also will you put me on your E.mail list of upcoming events where you will be doing this demonstration again. I look forward to seeing you again.

    (aka) spiderlady

  3. Eve Witter says:

    Just wanted to say that picture of Handsell is completely beautiful. Missing my Eastern roots, Vienna, etc.

  4. Faye H. Nave says:

    I was st the Dorchester County Historical Society event today [April 13] viewing the many collections of Indian artifacts.
    I met you for the first time today and I am so impressed by all
    of your knowledge of your culture. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations and demostrations and wish I could have stayed longer. I look forward to seeing you again perhaps at Handsell.
    Thanks you introducing me to Steve Abbott. He and I are planning to get together to go over all of the Abbott history he has put together on the Abbott family. It is my hope that we can do something special to “tie in” his history and the Samuel Abbott place that I now own. Knowing that you are part of this Abbott family who once lived here is exciting. I am currently reading about all that you have/and are doing in regards to your culture and history.


    Mrs. Faye H. Nave

  5. Kathryn A. Stoner says:

    Dr. FIREHAWK! I had the PLEASURE of seeing you once again (Sunday, April 21 at Handsell being the 2nd exposure to you). I am TOTALLY amazed and enthralled with every word that comes out of your mouth. You, my dear, are a tallented teacher of mother earth and I admire your heritage and would love to sign up to learn and be a volunteer at Handsell. I talked to one of your volunteers near the ‘longhouse’ and asked if any women were helping build it and he said ‘no, not at this time BUT…and I knew what was coming, LOL I was thinking like the tomboy that I am and he was thinking of the fragile woman that I’m NOT. We both got a laugh. He did inform me that soon you’ll be teaching how to weave the mats for the bedding. I WOULD LOVE to learn and contribute to that. And in hindsite I don’t blame him for not handing me over the BAM BAM tool. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll remember me, I’m the retriever of the arrow and also we graduated from highschool the same year. I grew up on the western shore in PG county but am originally from NC. And I just KNOW somewhere in my past I am related to an American Native somehow. I was totally entralled with every word that came out of your mouth Sunday and impressed with your wonderful way of relating to the children; they too were quite entralled with you and that says something about you. Thank you so much for being you. Kathryn A. Stoner, Cambridge, Md (retired NASA employee)

  6. Roo Wood says:

    Hoping to reach DF Abbott to discuss the possibility of a “wild rice” gather here on the Shore. Any assistance would be appreciated.


    Roo Wood


    • handsell says:

      Sorry for the late response. I have sent an email to Daniel and Copied you in it. Perhaps we will see you this week at the Nanticoke River Jamboree!
      thanks for your contact and interest. NHPA Board of Trustess

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