Seasonal Soiree Fundraiser!


Information about our January 2015 WINTER SOIREE– Stay tuned!  Date to be announced shortly!

The 2013 End of Summer Soiree was held at private historic Hill’s Point Farm.  

Take a look at the great Menu from this year:

What a Great Picnic Menu!

What a Great Picnic Menu!



2012 Spring “1812 Soiree” at Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast

Every year since 2006, the Nanticoke Historic Preservation has held a gala Fundraiser for the efforts to restore Handsell.  The Soiree is held each year during a different season and always at a historic place in Dorchester County.  The theme of the Soiree is tailored to the location or other seasonal themes.  All the proceeds from the last two Soirees, and all those in the immediate future will benefit the “Handsell Restoration Fund”.

Our Soiree’s in the past have included:

2007 Spring Soiree – held at Friendship Hall, East New Market

2008 Summer Soiree – held at the Captain Levi Phillips House, Cambridge

2009 Autumn Soiree “After the Hunt” – held at Weston Farms, Vienna


Historic Weston Farms, circa 1750


2011 Winter Soiree “A Night at Thomas’ Tavern” – held at  “Addition to Rosses Chance”, circa 1750, Cornersville

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