Seasonal Soiree Fundraiser!

Stay tuned for news on the Spring 2016 Soiree!!!

Thank you to all who supported the NHPA through our annual fundraisng party!!  What a fun, beautiful evening!!

Saturday January 24, 2015

“A Winter Evening at Historic Sarke Plantation, circa 1790”

“Imagine a cold winter evening from another era, with friends gathering in front of the fire,  story-telling and the laughter of all present.  

Outside the winter wind is howling, but here we dine  surrounded by glorious decorations of crystal, snowflake kissed flowers and candlelight.  

The night is warm indeed.” 

WinterSoiree2015 001




Sarke Plantation circa 1790 will be the location of the 2015 Winter Soiree.

Sarke Plantation circa 1790 will be the location of the 2015 Winter Soiree.

A Winter Evening st Sarke Plantation To Benefit the Handsell Restoration Rund

 Sponsor Level Guests

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Buczek

Joan and Stephen Dazansky

Sally and Fred Haller

Ellen and Bob Higgins

Beth Ann and Jim Lynch

Peter Paul


Ruth D. Braxton

Gene Brite

Jane and Charles F. Dougherty

Jane and Stephen Escher

Martha and Jack Graham

Lee Ellen and John Griffith

Midge and Jon Ingersoll

Ann and Bill Kirkland

Dr. Carol Lewis

Fran and Jim Lewis

Faye H. Nave

Deborah Ann Lenz-Roe

Clara Mae Stephens

Helen and Jack Saum

Bill Stratton and Joanne Schehl

Jackie Wolfle


Alison Buczek        Midge Ingersoll        Shirley Jackson       Beth Ann Lynch     Miriam Zijp-Koedijk

 About our Soirees

Every year since 2006, the Nanticoke Historic Preservation has held a gala Fundraiser for the efforts to restore Handsell.  The Soiree is held each year during a different season and always at a historic place in Dorchester County.  The theme of the Soiree is tailored to the location or other seasonal themes.  All the proceeds from the last two Soirees, and all those in the immediate future will benefit the “Handsell Restoration Fund”.

Our Soiree’s in the past have included:

The 2013 End of Summer Soiree was held at private historic Hill’s Point Farm.  



2012 Spring “1812 Soiree” at Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast


2007 Spring Soiree – held at Friendship Hall, East New Market

2008 Summer Soiree – held at the Captain Levi Phillips House, Cambridge

2009 Autumn Soiree “After the Hunt” – held at Weston Farms, Vienna


Historic Weston Farms, circa 1750


2011 Winter Soiree “A Night at Thomas’ Tavern” – held at  “Addition to Rosses Chance”, circa 1750, Cornersville

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  1. Laura Church says:

    Thanks to, I just discovered that I am a direct Decendent of both Rev. john Henry and Governor John Henry, of Rehobeth and “Weston,” and noticed artwork on the web from artist Margaret Wright Ingersoll, whom I know, having both supported the Historical Society of Moorestown, NJ! It is a small world indeed.

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