Presentations by Daniel Firehawk Abbott

Presentations by Daniel Firehawk Abbott

Daniel Firehawk Abbott is an independent living history interpreter and not associated with the NHPA other than as an independent contractor. Our organization is grateful to Daniel for the contributions he has made in designing and assisting in the building of the Chicone Village Project. Out team of talented and dedicated Village Volunteers are continuing in this work.

The Link above will take you to the full brochure for Daniel Firehawk Abbott. To arrange a presentation by Daniel, please contact him directly at 443-521-3059. Other questions about the Chicone Village Project at Handsell can be directed to

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2 comments on “Presentations by Daniel Firehawk Abbott

  1. Debbie Henry says:

    I love the new origin brochure.
    It is perfect and describes Daniel and his talents very well. Of course I might be a bit biased in this regard.

  2. Glen Mellin says:

    Good morning Daniel Firehawk Abbott. We live in Seaford, DE. In January 2015 we conducted an extensive Ethnoecological survey of Kuskarawack Towne from Wright Branch to Chapel Branch on the Nanticoke River. I want to email you a copy in pdf. Because of our very positive results, we are thinking it might be appropriate to conduct a survey of the Chicone Towne area. Please send us your email address and we can send you our Kuskarawack Towne essay. Thanks, Glen and Lenny

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